Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toronto Marlies Stats

Hockey is a team game, in order to excel on any given night you need the help of you teammates to get the win. There are always those players that dominate on a given night that could be that ‘IT’ factor to help get that win, but overall the Toronto Marlies just haven’t had that player. There is no denying the talent and potential that this roster boasts, but those very players just haven’t been able to step up to that level. With the AHL leaders in just entering the 70+ point plateau, what have the Marlies done statistically?

Andre Deveaux has put up 32 points in 56 games, well below a point per game average. Viktor Stalberg and Christian Hanson have been close to that average and have arguable been the best point producers on the team playing in only 36 and 37 respectively. As you go through the statistics, not too many players are in the double digits, but then again it’s not all about the points, you need defence as well. But where has that been? The plus-minus of our guys have just been flat out bad, they can do better and many of them have shown that in the past, but this has just not been the Marlies year. Moving on to goaltending, one man seems to have stolen the show, and that man goes by the name of James Reimer. Sitting at 8-3-1-1 with G.A.A. of 2.20 and save percentage of .930%, he has blow Joey MacDonald and the others out of the water in terms of their season thus far.

My disappointment this season has been Phil Oreskovic’s +/-, he is capable of so much better, just look at his time up with the Leafs last year, played so well.

What do you all think about the production of this year’s squad? Any surprises? Disappointments?

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