Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toronto Marlies Logo

The Toronto Marlies were originally known as the Marlboroughs, and as a result the logo that was used consisted of: The Marlborough family crown with the A.C. for Athletic Club. Later they evolved the logo into the present day Maple Leaf that was placed behind the family crown. The team Logo now reads “Marlies” which is what the team is affectionately known as. The reason for this is that the organization did not want to be linked with the similarly named cigarette brand.

What the organization tried to do with the new crest design (although a few years in) was to bring back that classic leafs look with a sort of modern style to it. Many believe it to be a boring look with the typical hockey sticks and the dull “Marlies” plate. On the other hand, many love that vintage meets modern sort of concept. In my opinion, I like the logo and believe that it will be around for some time but it could use a bit or modifying. The Marlies do in fact have another alternate logo featuring Duke the mascot.

What are you feelings on the current logo set and possible new designs?

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