Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toronto Marlies Mascot

Duke the Dog is the admired mascot of the AHL’s Toronto Marlies. Standing at 6’10 and shooting right-handed, Duke is of a Yorktown Terrier breed. The reason for the appearance of Duke is to reflect that of ‘King’ the guard dog of the old Marlies and Maple Leafs arena known as Mutual Street Arena. Looking at Duke’s bio, he is a fan of Steve Thomas who was a Leaf and Marlie legend when it came to hard work, and his favourite food seems fittingly of their rivals (Moose and Griffin).

Season 2009 saw Duke go through major cosmetic surgery which has given him a grittier look. Wanting to look younger and full of excitement, the organization felt these changes were key. Being the team spirited dog that he is, Duke was more than willing to go under the knife. The new appearance of Duke led up the creation of a new alternate logo and a third jersey for the Marlies.

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